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Cherry Blossom Limoges Porcelain Pitcher

Cherry Blossom Limoges Porcelain Pitcher

Gorgeous antique ceramic Limoges pitcher for sale! Pink Cherry blossom on a soft yellow background.

RARE! Made between 1900-1910, this antique pitcher is exquisite. It is in excellent condition with very minor wear on the gold leaf gilding on the handle. This is the pink cherry blossom pattern and is on a soft yellow background. It is hand-painted on ceramic.

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Limoges today

Centuries later, Limoges porcelain continues to signal luxury and refinement. Limoges objects and dinnerware collections are commissioned by presidents and royalty and passed down through generations in families, but the industry continues to push creative boundaries that maintain porcelain’s relevance.

ROHL®, the luxury kitchen and bath fixtures brand, for instance, works with Limoges clay to create the Allia™ Sink Collection, fireclay sinks that have an extra thick luminous glaze to create beautiful stain and chip resistant surface. “Limoges has such a rich history of craftsmanship and it’s been such a unique and rewarding experience to work with these artisans who have perfected their work over the years,” says Lou Rohl, chairman and founder of House of ROHL.

The storied porcelain house Bernardaud has produced cutting edge dinnerware collections with artists like Joan Miro, Marina Abramovic, Alexander Calder, Kara Walker, Julian Schnabel, and David Lynch. The house has also expanded into high-end costume jewelry and collaborated with prominent artists to make objects, such as Roy Lichtenstein’s Landscape Mobile and Jeff Koons’ balloon animals. These collaborations have given Limoges a place in the canon of modern art.

Limoges is also home to a younger generation of exciting artistic collectives like Passage Secret and Esprit Porcelaine. These workshops are using porcelain to create contemporary sculptures, fanciful lamps, and decorative household objects, like sugar bowls and goblets. They are also experimenting technically by combining porcelain with unconventional materials, like iron and sandstone.

“It was a strong emulation between our creative and technical skills that made us want to form this duo,” said the founders of Passage Secret, Yaël Malignac and Guillaume Descoings. “We want the unusual, the unexpected, poetry and beauty. We want to create contrast to highlight the porcelain, its whiteness, its fragility, its translucency.“

Limoges porcelain has always married the beautiful with the functional. Some applications of porcelain draw on the material’s unique properties of strength, durability, and imperviousness to create products that enhance everyday life. Thanks to its unique geologic and design history, Limoges is a global center that showcases all the possibilities of what porcelain can be.


Limoges Pitcher For Sale
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