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Vintage Huguenin Pendant Watch

Vintage Huguenin Pendant Watch

Beautiful, rare Vintage Huguenin Pendant Watch. Huguenin Swiss 17 jewelry metal skeleton bubble orb watch. Huguenin was founded in 1857 and was one of the pioneers of watchmakers.

This lovely Art Deco period piece comes with an antique sterling silver chain with 4 gorgeous, faceted cut amethyst stones. The domed glass is on both the face and back movement sides. The iridescent ivory-colored dial has gold markers for time. The condition of these pieces is excellent. The watch is wind up and runs and keeps accurate time.

This is an exquisite, elegant timepiece.

Chain length: 11"
Pendant measures: 1"

Price: $295


Shop online or in-store in Sherman Oaks, CA, where shopping SAVES ANIMALS' LIVES.

!00% of the proceeds from the sale of this Vintage Huguenin Pendant Watch will benefit Shelter Animals!
SKU: SKU 20796
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