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Thrift PURfection!

START Rescue Resale is a Luxury thrift / second hand store,  Benefiting animals. We also brag about being THE BEST thrift store in LA, because we truly believe it to be true.

First and foremost, our proceeds go to helping the animals rescued at START Rescue. These animals are rescued from overflowing shelters, off of the streets of Mexico, from hoarding situations, and from other dire situations in California. In other words, shopping here, SAVES ANIMALS’ LIVES!

Our customers and donors are also truly THE BEST! We receive AMAZING high-end donated items from TOP NOTCH donors and our WONDERFUL neighborhood friends who REALLY want to see their gently loved items go towards an amazing cause.  Because we are located near to Hollywood and Beverly Hills, right in Los Angeles, we have amazing donors who can share their Chanel, Christian Dior, Prada, and more WITH US! This makes shopping here A LOT OF FUN!

We have a really interesting and unique cache of ever-changing thrift products! We sell vintage, antique, collectibles, furniture, couture, and all other kinds of other thrift too!

Our staff and volunteers are TRULY fabulous. They are all 100% dedicated TO THE MISSION of rescuing animals, but are also very much interested in fashion, antiques, vintage, and really all things secondhand! Plus they are simply lovely individuals.

And for our last brag, we get wonderful reviews. Customers appreciate us and we REALLY appreciate them. Every single person who follows us on social media, who donates their gently loved second-hand items, who shops here, or simply tells a friend about us, is a part of the START Rescue Family. It takes a village (and a neighborhood thrift store) to rescue a single animal, so it is a good thing …no it’s a GREAT thing, that we have the BEST thrift store in LA where thrift PURfection happens!

Why We Thrift & Rescue Stories Too!

Choose Sustainable Luxury

Thrifting is a sustainable and affordable way to buy timeless pieces from luxury designers that will never go out of style. In addition to being a wonderful alternative to fast fashion…

Choose Happy

Over the past year and a half, we have all been dealing with Covid lockdowns, quarantine, and diminished social lives. This of course has not been easy, but for those of us our dogs, cats, and other animals, we have greatly benefited from their companionship…

Choose Rescue

We often have over 100 rescue stories to choose from and to share every month, and trust me, choosing is hard. Every story is worthy of attention, but sometimes we have to just narrow to sharing about the dogs or cats with the most unique story, the best photos, or the one with the biggest smile! See which ones we selected, by checking out our newsletter. You can even subscribe (no pressure) if you want, and receive all the feel-goods every month!


Our Team


Board Member & Store Director

START Rescue Board Member Rene

In addition to being an amazing mentor to us all at the store,  Rene serves as Director of Sales and Operations for the luxury vegan shoe company:  Mink Shoes.  She balances her busy dual careers while overseeing the START Rescue Resale Store in Sherman Oaks, CA.  In addition to co-founding START, she sits on the board of directors of The Brittany Foundation.  Rene is a founding member and served on the board of directors of the Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center (SPARC), which is the only no-kill open admission shelter in California.  She and her record producer husband, Jay, co-founded Rock and Rescue which supports small, grass roots rescues thru the music industry.


Online Sales Mgr & Salesperson


It takes a village…

Just to name a few members of our village: Muscles Mike, our Shop Assistant Jimmy, Nicole the Much Needed, Colleen Can Do & the beloved dog BOOTS, our donors, our shoppers, our social media followers, and of course YOU!